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Welcome to, the 1st social network dedicated to the wellness! is a new website that lists Spa, beauty centers, spa resort, wellness center and beauty salons all around the world. Spas, beauty centers, spa resort, wellness center and beauty salons for moments of wellness and relaxation. allows you to research a spa, a beauty center, a wellness center or a beauty salons all around the world, to consult webpage of spa resort for more information about services. Skin care, body care, jaccuzzi, massage therapy, spa in bath, hammam, foot massage in a spa resort, in a beauty salons or in a wellness center. Read our articles to feel good in your body and mind : alternative therapies for Hay fever, how to get relief from hot flashes, why should we pay attention to digestive problems, how to improve our quality of life with a nap, how to extend the summer tan...



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AcuQuit ® Brisbane - Laser Acupuncture to Quit Smoking

I was scared to quit, not only because I might not be able to do it, but because of my fear to try different methods. There are so many of them, but I was never certain which one is effective. I just felt so lucky when I tried laser acupuncture from Acuquit after reading that it's painless and safe. And indeed, it was. After a few visits, I have noticed a great improvement, my craving greatly reduced and I did not have major problems dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

Irene Smith
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Thanks for visiting, the first social network devoted towards the wellness! is really a new site that lists Health spa, beauty centers, health spa resort, wellness center and salons all across the globe.

Well being tips enables you to definitely research a health spa, an institute, a wellness center or perhaps a salon all across the globe, to see web page of health spa resort to learn more about their services : Skincare, body care, jaccuzzi, therapeutic massage, health spa in bath, hammam, feet massage inside a health spa resort, inside a salons or perhaps in a wellness center. Read our articles to feel great within your body and mind : alternative treatments for Hay fever, ways to get respite from menopausal flashes, why must we give consideration to bloating, how you can improve our quality of existence having a nap, how you can extend the summer time tan...

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