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How to extend the summer tan?



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How to keep your skin tanned?


Here are a few tips to extend the summer tan :


1. Hydrate the skin


The sun may have a bad effect on the skin if you do not maintain the hydration of the skin. Otherwise, the skin will dry and cause the loss of the tan.

So you need to drink plenty of water, but also use care moisturizer or oil after each tanning session.


2. Exfoliate the skin carefully


Exfoliating does not remove the tan : a delicate scrub simply removes dead skin cells. However, prefer soft scrub products to apply about once a week after your return from holiday.


3. Eat "tanned food"


Many foods can help you maintain your skin tan : first of all, foods containing beta-carotene such as carrots, parsley, spinach, melon ... Tomatoes and apricots also have a very positive effect. Then fresh foods rich in zinc and vitamin E, namely vegetables, salads, broccoli, artichokes, eggplant, celery ...


4. use dietary supplements


In addition to our food advice, dietary supplements such as vitamins or minerals capsules may help you extend your tanned skin.


5. last remedy : the tanning products


A week after your return, start applying a self-tanning cream with 1-2 applications per week. A tanning shower in a Beauty Salon can also be very effective in prolonging your tan.


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