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Is drinking tea good for health?



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the : 09/05/2013

Is drinking tea good for health?

Recent studies suggest that tea may cause brittle bones - but you will probably be safe if you drink less than 3.5 liters per day ...

According to a study by the University of Glagow, tea might not be very good for the prostate too as the report suggests that men who drank more than seven cups of tea per day had a 50% risk of cancer in addition to a normal male population. However, this result might not be significant because this study was not originally designed to study this topic.

However, black tea contains polyphenols which are antioxidants beneficial to health.

Another study - conducted by an organization sponsored by the "Tea Council" - also suggests that drinking more than three cups of black tea per day reduces the risk of heart problems ... but remember not to exceed 3.5 liters per day!

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