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Improve your quality of life : Take a daily nap



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the : 12/05/2014

Improve your quality of life : Make time for SIESTA


A mid-day siesta, particularly if taken immediately after lunch, has some incredible health insurance and lifestyle benefits.


We all live busy lives, frequently balancing work and family existence to the stage where only six hours sleep a evening becomes normal.


The problem though having a busy existence is fatigue, and also the problem with fatigue is it sneaks on you when you're not expecting it and gradually begins to eliminate your creative skills, your persistence, your memory actually otherwise controlled, fatigue will destroy your existence you may already know it.


One method to combat fatigue and remain on surface of things at the office and also at home, is really a regular energy nap or siesta as they call it within Spain.


Daytime naps could be one method to treat lack of sleep, states Susan Hayfellow, PhD, sleep expert and author of countless self-help books. 


"You will get incredible advantages of just 15-20 minutes of sleeping," she states.  "You totally reset the machine and obtain instant performance and elevated performance". 


That's all many people really have to push away drowsiness and obtain the energy boost they really want.  


Should you nap for more than twenty minutes? 


Studies have shown longer naps help boost memory and enhance creativeness


Sleeping for approximately 30mn to an hour will work for your choice making skills


Getting rapid eye movement or REM sleep, usually 60 to 1 hour 30 minutes of sleeping, plays a vital role for making new connections within the brain allowing you to solve creative problems.


When the mid-day siesta is totally new for you, Susan Hayfellow recommends beginning served by a brief nap every day simultaneously to be able to become accustom towards the life-style change you're making.


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